Month: October 2019

there are risk with sex robots

this article is rewriten from here The Foundation for accountableartificial intelligence has freean in depth report on this state of the sex mechanismtrade — as well asthe {moral} and moral concernsencompassingthe utilization of such robots, the requirement for privacy and information protection, and differentdatawhich willcreate the less

virtual 3d on the moon

“CGI Moon Kit,” which canenable designers to form authentic moonscapes in games and alternativesorts of media. The kit is, of course, fullyliberal totransfer. The data for the Moon Kit comes from NASA’s satelliteintelligence activityartificial satellite (LRO), that has been in orbit

why my body art came to an end phase

About me see more photos known as JanneBlond, workt at laos dirty pink ink photos. between 2016-2019 but they manipulated to mutch. body art has always been my stuf. but tecnology bloging